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The final project in my photography class last spring semester was to choose an interesting location to us, capture the environment and how people interact or behave in it. For a strange reason, I chose the skateboard park near from my apartment. I thought it was going to be “cool” to photograph “cool people”. I really enjoyed shooting them a lot, but the professor had to remind me that the goal of the project was about shooting a location and how people behave there, not the people’s clothes! I was fascinated by the style of the skaters and watching all of them together in action was truly interesting to me.

Walking around school, I wasn’t finding any Fashionista/o that inspired me until I saw him. I knew that I had to stop him — he was a déjà vu from last semester. In my opinion, there are a few different looks that are typically associated with skater culture. I think this Fashionisto made a good choice combining clothes from a stereotypical skater but staying modern at the same time.

Name: Josiah David

Major: Nursing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing right now?

Josiah David: My jeans are from Hot Topic and I bought the T-shirt at American Apparel. I am wearing Converse shoes, Ray Ban glasses and my skateboard is from Bustin Boards.

CF: What kind of music do you listen to?

JD: I usually hear indie or rock music. My favorite bands are Yellowcard and Rocket To The Moon.

CF: Does the music you hear influence the way you dress?

JD: Yes! I definitely look up to the way my favorite bands dress. I really like it. Other artists that I look up to for their style are One Direction and Justin Bieber.

CF: What advice will you give to all the skaters out there, to be comfortable to skate but also look great?

JD: For me, the best thing you can wear to skate are shorts. Also stay away from skinny jeans and try stretch jeans.

There you have it, Fashionistos, actually look up to One Direction and Justin Bieber's style. I was not expecting that from a skater, but I see how they are influenced by today’s pop culture. It’s pretty amazing, right?

How To: The statement piece of every skater that I have seen is a graphic T-shirt. Urban Outfitters has tons of them like this one. Match the T-shirt with straight jeans and a pair of Converse. I really think skaters are having a moment at UTPA right now because I see them everywhere. So even if you are not a skater, why don’t you give this look a try?


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