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Lately I have been extremely inspired by menswear and deep muted colors. While bold hues for fall are greatly appreciated, there is something effortless about wearing worn in, faded with love, type of clothing in the crisp autumn air. This Fashionisto showcased this perfectly. While more men on campus seem to be branching out to the leather oxford, I have yet to see one wear a puffer vest until today. 

Name: Joey Rodriguez

Year: Freshman

Major: Education

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Joey Rodriguez: My shirt is from H&M, my vest was thrifted as were my shoes and my pants are Bullheads.

CF: What influences your style choices?

JR: The music I write inspires my style choices. I express the creativity of my music through my clothing.

CF: Are there any items you plan on buying for the fall/winter season?

JR: I'm going to try and find a sweet pea coat and or windbreaker at a thrift store. If not,  I'm sure I can find a cool one on Urban Outfitters or American Apparel.

How To: Fall and winter are the seasons for fun layering. Get a group of friends together and all go thifting together! Whether is be at the Salvation Army, Goodwill or Savers. You never know what can be found in a pile of Christmas sweaters or oversized plaid shirts.  Let it be known that thifting is usually a hit and miss and that stores like this are best visited on the regular because donations are given daily. Don’t let one unsuccessful trip stop you from going back and trying again


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