This Fashionisto captures a classic all-American look. I got the essence of James Dean when stumbling upon him. Though he doesn’t emulate the “rough around the edges” presence that Dean possessed, he has an iconic look that simply cannot go unnoticed. Maybe it is his casual swagger that struck the resemblance. Jeff puts a modern spin on staples of the '50s, and by incorporating prep he reinvents Levi’s. He does justice to a plaid button down by pairing it with a V-neck which makes the look more informal and accustomed for a day at the University. I find it amusing that by just adding a cuff to a jean, they can appear refined with absolutely no effort. By incorporating that detail I was reminded of the characters from the Jets of West Side Story and their keenness to detail. He finishes his look off with classical Nike’s, creating a modern adaptation of a retro sneaker.

Name: Jeff Rogers

Major: Advertising and Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal fashion?

Jeff Rogers: I would have to say I present a retro forward look.

CF: What is your ultimate style advice?

JR: First I would say to pick things that feel comfortable and secondly if you don’t care how you look, others will not care to look at you. 

CF: What is your inspiration for spring wear?

JR: My inspiration right now is what I am essentially wearing today. I have been really into bright colors, plaids, basic and good jeans.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

JR: My button down is from Oak Street Vintage, my jeans are from Buffalo Exchange, my shirt is a basic Hanes, and my shoes are from the Nike’s employee store.

How To: To embody Jeff’s look, think about retro trends with modernity. Find a dress shirt in a plaid that fits your personal style. By choosing the colors of red, white and blue, Jeff presents a patriotic ensemble which has a classic feel. He pairs his button down with a simple Hanes V-neck. For the bottom half of his look he grabs hold of well-tailored jeans, in a medium wash and adds his personal touch by incorporating a cuff. His look is complete with contemporary but old-school navy blue Nike’s.


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