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With the cooler, gloomier months approaching the southern region of the United States, it’s hard to get lost in the dark. Considering that we really only recognize a couple months of the winter season everyone else seems to be experiencing, we still know how to add that pop of Floridian flare no matter what time of the year we are confined to. What made this Fashionisto stick out the most to me was his dramatic mohawk, complemented perfectly with purple tones. Within the past couple of years hair has become a secret weapon, separating the men from the boys. Not only is it the perfect finish to your already perfect ensemble, but it adds an element of surprise that most won’t see coming.

Name: Gerald Joseph

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Gerald Joseph: I would probably say that it’s quite eclectic. I have days where I’m artsy preppy, like my stripes, my vintage Ralph Lauren, and then I have my days where I’m more punk skater.

CF: Where do you get most of your inspirations from?

GJ: Most of it comes from the weather; I think it dictates a lot of my style. Like summer, my style is more colorful. I kind of call it Florida Bohemian. I like my tanks and loose knits, and pairing them with sandals. I get a lot of inspiration from pop culture; it has an intersection from what’s going on around us.

CF: What celebrities’ closet would you like to raid most?

GJ: That’s a tough one actually, anyone from Jake Gyllenhaal, and the guy from The Hangover, Justin Bartha. I like how he loves vintage Ray-Bans, he has this whole preppy thing going on that I like. I guess one person I like that is edgy, is surprisingly, Lil Wayne. I think that his style has improved a lot. He’s gotten more into the whole skater look with him wearing black skinny jeans and just a basic T-shirt, the whole utilitarian look.

CF: Tell me about your hair.

GJ: Okay, my hair. I actually started this hairstyle my freshman year of college. I always had a buzz cut and then I started seeing a stylist and she told me about Japanese Thermal. It reconditions your hair and makes it look really awesome. Within the past year I’ve gotten into the whole color thing.

CF: Any styling secrets you’d like to share?

GJ: I would probably say, as for color inspiration, I go to Pantone’s website a lot. For hair color use Pravana, it’s the best color out there. It’s vibrant, it’s pricey, but it’s worth it in the long term.

How To: It may come as a surprise how many hair trends have popped up in 2012; I’m sure you’ve recognized all of them and didn’t even realize it. To accomplish this Fashionisto’s look, known as dip-dying, color the ends of your hair while leaving the rest natural. He mentioned his favorite hair color brand in the interview. Check out this dip-dying tutorial if you don't have the time or the funds to make it to the salon. If color isn’t your thing, ombre hair color has been popping up everywhere; this is a great option for brunettes and even blondes who are over the repetitive bleaching.


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