Mens fashion has changed a lot throughout the years. Clean cut to hippie to grungy and everything inbetween. With the rise of the metrosexuals,it feels as though more and more men care about their appearances without having to be shamed or threatened. There are mens section of products everywhere now, from moisturizers to shampoos to clothing stores that were once only women only e.g Witchery. It’s not everyday you see a well dressed man in a bow-tie in the middle of the day. I loved this Fashionistos clean cut but edgy look on his 60s inspired style. It’s good to see that Mad Men era where everyone was wearing crisp fitting suits with matching ties and pocket squares is coming back.  Without having too much the men in the 60s looked classy yet effortless as it was a way of life dressing like that everyday. Melbourne based brand Jack London, Arthur Galan, Satch and Calibre are just some of the stores which stock this style of clothing.

Name: Dave Brennan

Major: Food Technology

Year: Third

College Fashionista : What inspired your look today ?

Dave Brennan : To be honest I don't really think about fashion that much, I actually just wear that outfit everyday haha it's easy cause I don't have to think about what to wear and it seems to fit into most social situations

CF: What are the essentials in a man’s wardrobe?

DB: Skinny black jeans

CF: Which era in fashion do you like the most, or think had the best style?

DB : 60's mod, Everything looked so much better in the 60's.. cars, houses, clothes, women… 60's luxury is the best luxury

CF: Is there any Celebrities that influence your style?

DB: Charlie Chaplin

How To : Wear a collared shirt with a bow-tie (pick a bright or pattern coloured one if you want to stand out a bit more). Then team them up with skinny jeans or chinos and you are set for any occasion.


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