I spotted this Fashionisto along Bowen Street on campus and I adored his outfit from head to toe. It was something simple, but really well put together for a casual day of school. Do not underestimate the charm of the good match between a patterned knit jumper as well as basic denim shorts, as this Fashonisto shares his passion for fashion, and further reveals his ultimate fashion secret for an everyday outfit. He is one down to earth Fashionisto, and you would not want to miss out on his fashion tips either.

Name: Benji Lincoln

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Second

CF: How would you describe your personal style? 

BL: I usually just go for something comfortable and I think I'm mostly into smart casual outfits. I also love basics and classics, so clothings like patterned jumpers for a vintage vibe, basic T-shirts, classic blue denims, and chinos as well.

CF: So describe to us your outfit and where is it from?

BL: My jumper is from Lacoste and I've had it for years now and it's one of my favourites because it never goes out of style I guess. It's really comfortable too. My denim shorts is from American Apparel but I got them from one of those flea markets held at Federation Square but you can easily purchase similar ones from J-Brand or General Pants. My sneakers were a gift. 

CF: Do you get fashion inspirations from anyone or anywhere? 

BL: I think I do tend to just dress according to my personality and preferences because I know what looks ideal on my own self but I would not mind the occassional outfit inspirations from tumblr or I just observe how people dress on the streets and if an outfit catches my eye I'll just take note of it and shop for a similar clothing or accessory.

CF:  So where do you usually shop at?

BL: Brunswick and Smith Street. I frequent Chapel Street as well because they're lined with really unique boutiques with a variety of clothes and unique accessories ranging from graphic bags, retro leather footwear to chunky funky pieces of necklaces with tribal beads and charms. It's definitely a great place for individualistic accessory pieces.

CF: So you menioned you had your own personal fashion secret, what would that be? 

BL: It's something really simple but yet people still never get it. Confidence. That's all you need. Seriously whether you're pulling off something over the top, or something as simple as denim and a basic tee, if you wear it with the right personality and attitude, your outfit will definitely stand out. I guess another secret I've reinforced in my life is that not everything works out for the better, which means I probably can't pull off every single style avaialble. So don't bother forcing a trend or style upon yourself, just be comfortable and fashion has to be executed with wisdom.

How to: To get hold of Benji's simple look, head on down to local shops like ASOS and General Pants where a huge variety of basics and preppy styled clothing can be found for an everyday smart casual look. You could get vintage print jumpers and T-shirts as wardrobe investments as they'll never go out of style and are easy to mix and match all year round. Especially for the guys, I'll stress on getting an array of designs for your denim shorts or jeans. Denim is an essential staple and it is important to get the right pair of denim shorts or pants according to your body physique. Pair those denims up with your basics or prints, and remember that less is more so do match the outfit with a simple statement accessory like a necklace or a spunky leather wristlet easily available at Cheap Monday or the Iconic.


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