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They say, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Well in the fashion world it should be, “Tell me what music you hear and I’ll tell you what your style is.” Every time a Fashionisto struggles when I ask them to describe their style, I always ask them to think what music they hear. After that, they just keep talking and talking. It is very interesting how music influences our everyday mood, so it’s not surprising that it also influences what we wear.

Designers have been inspired by their favorite artists also. Last Paris Fashion Week, Jean Paul Gaultier dedicated his runway show to all the pop stars of the '80s. It doesn’t matter if you look up to new or old artists, I believe that music is a very good reference to describing our personal style. 

I was walking after my last class of the day when this Fashionisto caught my attention. The first thing that made me look at him was his sweater and his overall impeccable look. I had to go back to take a picture of him, talk about his style and  find out how music influences his style. 

Name: Brandon Helmers

Major: Business Management

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing right now?

Brandon Helmers: My sweater is from Urban Outfitters, I bought my pants at Cotton On and my shoes are from ALDO.

CF: Which bands influence your style?

BH: The drummer of the band NOW NOW dresses very cool. I also like the style of Young Statues.
CF: Why do you like their style?
BH: I like their style because I like fitted clothes. Most of my clothes are slim fitting; I like to feel them on my skin. I don’t like baggy pants or oversized shirts.
CF: Tell me where you can find great clothes with your style?
BH: I usually shop Urban Outfitters and since Zara started to sell online, it’s been great.
CF: What was your last purchase from Zara and why did you like it?
BH: I bought some shorts and I liked them because they are slim fitting. I feel comfortable in them. They are very cool.
How To: To recreate this look, layer a simple polo shirt with a sweater like this from Urban Outfitters. I loved this sweater, also! The point is to choose fun sweaters to make you look awesome, but keep you warm for this coming cold weather. Pair the sweater with black skinny jeans and these ALDO sneakers.
If I were a boy, my closet would be packed with fun sweaters this winter season. They would be my signature look for sure! Enjoy the nice weather everyone, but don’t forget to keep it nice and trendy.


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