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Winter fashion may just be my favorite part about the season. 'Tis the time to layer and rock knitwear. This Fashionisto is prepared for the chilly Midwest winter from head to toe. He keeps warm with stylish fingerless gloves, a beanie, a patterned scarf and a pair of fabulous Kenneth Cole rain boots. No need to sport an unflattering puffy jacket, either—he keeps warm by layering denim.

Name: Ben Junious

Major: African American Studies and a double minor in Fashion Merchandising and Theatre

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Ben Junious: My own personal style is trendy but unpredictable. You never know what I'm going to put together next. The best part is…sometimes I don't know either.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

BJ: I am inspired by everything around me. I can see something as simple as a stop sign or a vending machine and put together something that's not really normal. I'll incorporate snacks and pin them to my pants and be a walking vending machine but make it look good, or buttons or something that symbolizes objects in particular (color, material, etc).

CF: Describe your perfect outfit for a night out, down to the last detail.

BJ: My perfect outfit would be layers and neutrality. I would combine a basic purple V-neck, dark denim skinny jeans, a sleeveless denim bleached jacket with a necklace of beads from Hawaii or somewhere, a finglerless black leather motorcycle glove on my left hand, a red beanie and some red and purple sneakers. The layers are there to provide options. I can take something off and PRESTO, I have on a completely different outfit.

CF: Do you believe the way you dress is a reflection of your personality? If so, how?

BJ: Definitely. Everyday of the week, I feel different. I never feel the same way I felt the day before. Sometimes I'm feeling daring so I'll put on something no one has ever seen before. Other days I feel like I want to blend in and the list goes on. My personality is adventurous, daring, confident and yet fragile. When I really dress, all of these elements are taken into consideration. This is not a game. This is real and I embrace every hanger in my closet to make sure that if someone does not know me then they'll feel like they know my life just from that first visual encounter.

How To: Stay warm with a pair of fingerless gloves and a knit beanie. A long scarf is great for layering, and put it on top of a fabulous denim jacket for extra warmth. Keep your feet nice and dry with a pair of simple, yet stylish rain boots.


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