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Hampton University is a melting pot made up of students who come from places all over the country. Many young adults of these various regions are known for having a specific style or following certain trends. Here at Hampton, all of these different fashion senses are brought together into a fairly small environment. Though everyone is unique, one can’t help but gain a little style inspiration from their peers over the years spent at this university. This week’s Fashionisto touched on how being a student at Hampton opened his eyes to styles he had never quite witnessed before.

Name: Asa Cain

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you explain your personal style?

Asa Cain: I think my personal style is very versatile, but generally I’d classify myself as preppy. I take a lot of inspiration from my hometown, Chicago, and combine it with what I view here at college on the East Coast.

CF: How does style back home differ from what you’ve seen here at Hampton?

AC: Here I’ve noticed some people that are a lot more extravagant in their fashion. You’ll see a lot of guys here with rolled pant legs, colored/patterned shirts and vests. Just things I never really saw too often while I was in high school back at home.

CF: What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

AC: Definitely my cardigans, crewneck sweaters and colored pants.

CF: I like your skull cap, are hats a big part of your fall wardrobe?

AC: Sure. I have a Burberry cap that I wore a lot when it was warmer outside, but now I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of my gray thinsulate to keep my head warm as the temperature drops.

CF: What stores can we find you shopping in this fall?

AC: H&M, Gap and Polo Ralph Lauren.

How To: Inspiration is a major part of fashion. Feeling inspired by this Fashionisto to purchase a new fall/winter hat? There are so many options that allow you to be warm while remaining stylish. I love a guy in a cool beanie! This watch cap from Urban Outfitters comes in perfect colors for this season. offers a really interesting flap down fitted wool hat by HUF. However, nothing can quite top off an outfit better than a bright multi colored snapback like this one from Topman.


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