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While it can virtually go without saying that the prints and patterns of this season and seasons past are here to stay, being able to wear a complete outfit of a single color is a right denied to many. Not only can it become boring, but it also isn’t as easy to stand out when you’re adorned with the monochromatic tone. However, if you achieve the look correctly like this Fashionisto did, decorating yourself in the polar opposite of the bright neon, color blocking trends we’ve seen lingering around the fashion scene lately, then you’re guaranteed to turn a few heads.

Name: Andy Rodriguez

Major: Writing, Editing and Media

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your fashion?

Andy Rodriguez: I guess I like looking at looks happening in New York and keeping it casual. I feel like there’s not much fashion in Florida so I try to keep up and do my own thing.

CF: Who has influenced your fashion the most throughout your life?

AR: Oh god. I have no clue. Honestly, I just look up what’s happening in New York and in fashion week. I don’t have a specific person.

CF: What do you think makes you a Fashionisto?

AR: I definitely try to keep up to date with fashion and not care what people think and wear what I like. If I like how it looks, I wear it.

CF: Do you have any style icons?

AR: Zachary Quintl. He’s got that hipster vibe.

CF: Favorite stores?

AR: American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and sometimes I go to random vintage stores.

How To:  Layers of only one color may be too much for one to handle, but naturally I have some suggestions. The great thing about this trend is that it can work year round and for every season. If you don’t feel comfortable bearing a brighter interpretation of monochromatic dressing, don’t worry, there are many neutral adaptations that will leave the same memorable impression. Like the Fashionisto pictured above you can also break the look up with a neutral basic. I completely understand if you don’t own a navy blazer, a navy T-shirt, a navy pair of pants and navy shoes, and even if you did, the planets would have to be aligned perfectly for them to all be clean on the same day, especially for you boys. For the men out there wanting to emulate this Fashionisto’s outfit check out this wool cardigan from Old Navy and these navy corduroy slim slacks from American Apparel. If you wanted to complete the monochromatic vibe, pair the look with this button-down from H&M, which also comes in white.


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