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As we know, the temperatures are absurdly rising here in the midwest early January. As the snow begins to melt and we see more dreary days, we are also seeing a lot of students pulling out their flannels from their closets in replacement of their winter coats. This Fashionisto instantly caught my attention as I spotted him running errands, wearing two major trends this winter: flannels and Timberlands.

Name: Zakary Kolkey

Major: Music Industry

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Can you tell me a little bit about what you’re wearing right now?

Zakary Kolkey: I’m wearing a Beanie from Analog, as well as a flannel I purchased at H&M, some Levi Cords, and Timberland boots.

CF: That’s an interesting outfit for a rainy day, would you say the weather had any influence on your choice for today?

ZK: The weather definitely had an influence with the boots and beanie hat, as well as the flannel because I wanted to avoid wearing a jacket.

CF: That definitely makes sense. How about your major, does that have any influence on your style?

ZK: Yes, Musicians and bands I listen to have some influence on my style and the people in my major dress similarly.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

ZK: Urban Outfitters, JackThreads, H&M and thrift stores.

How to: You never know what the changing weather can bring, so don’t forget to have some flannels ready to wear instead of tugging around a thick jacket! For those Fashionistos, simpler is always better this season if you’re planning on wearing flannel and you should probably stick to minimal accessories. Another popular style are cardigans which you can find for cheap at Urban Outfitters.

However, for those Fashionistas out there, it’s becoming more trendy to style your flannel open, with an eye-catching shirt underneath, such as this style also found at Urban Outfitters. For this trend, I would actually recommend you try it out with scarves, or messenger bags, as it would add a trendy look to your outfit of choice, but keep in mind to not over do it!


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