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I was crossing Red Square when I spotted this Fashionisto coming out of Miller Market in this great cream, cable-knitted cardigan. I’m so used to seeing black raincoats during these drizzly gray days that a soft, comforting and homey color like this immediately made me nostalgic for a crackling fire, tea and a good book. While either for an aesthetic or merely practical reason, Yusuf’s glasses really pulled the whole look together making it smart, classy and a perfect go-to laid-back campus look.

Name: Yusuf Saadat

Major: English, Secondary Education

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Yusuf Saadat: I’m wearing a cable knit cardigan with a dress shirt underneath, and slim jeans. Those are from H&M. And boots from ALDO. I don’t know if watches count but its G-Shock.

CF: What’s your go-to lazy day outfit?

YS: My go-to lazy outfit is my PJs.

CF: What’s one piece of advice for the guys?

YS: If I had one piece of advice it would be to pay attention to the fit.

CF: Do you have a favorite season for fashion?

YS: I don’t really have a favorite season for fashion, I like them all  but if I had to pick I would say winter.

CF: Song on repeat?

YS: What’s Beef by Notorious BIG is on repeat.

How To: If you want to replicate Yusuf’s comfy-cozy look, find a thick cream cable-knit cardigan, a button up (I loved this checkered option) and dark wash jeans. To switch up the cardigan style check out the toggle openings on this sweater variation.


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