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Whether you decide to apply for graduate school, jump right into your field or just take time off to rest your brain, there is one thing that you should embed into your mind before graduation. As we get closer to entering an industry full of professionals, one must never forget the phrase “dress to impress.” You can never take back your first impression on someone, but this Fashionisto already understands that. He was equipped for any sudden run-in or runway he may encountered had that day.

Name: Willie V. Ward III

Year: MBA 2014 Candidate

Concentration: Analytics and Innovation

CollegeFashionista: So tell me about the outfit you’re wearing today.

Willie V. Ward III: Well, this is a shawl neck sweater that I got from Nordstrom, along with the pants. I have on a white oxford shirt with a Donald Trump tie. I put it on today because I usually don’t wear it. I didn’t want to go too dressy or with the typical polo, jacket and pants. It’s a little cold outside, so I wanted to do something different for myself. I matched everything up with some blue Perry Ellis socks and a nice pair of Bass loafers.

CF: What will you be wearing when the weather warms up?

WVW: I like to wear polo shirts. I have a huge assortment of them. I’ll coordinate the pants with the belt, shoes and socks and just add my personality to it. I might bring out a pair of orange shoes to match a small graphic on my shirt.

CF: What type of styling do you try to stay away from?

WVW: I hate when guys are too loud and they’re not matching. I’m one to match to the T. I do feel like people can have the confidence to wear what they want, but just make sure it looks presentable. 

How To: Carrying a professional mannerism is extremely important, but looking the part is just as crucial. Business attire should be crisp, yet simple. This Fashionisto is very tall, so choosing a striped sweater was smart. Stripes are a strong look for guys that are tall and slim. By wearing a white oxford shirt, this Fashionisto prevented any chances of ruining the outfit. The white stripes worked their magic with the white shirt while the navy gave him room to play around with other tones. Navy is such a versatile color that almost any color tie he could have picked out would have worked. If you want to add extra detail, follow in this Fashionisto’s footsteps. Keep your tones the same and throw a small pattern into the mix that won’t take any eyes away from a more dominant pattern. It’s a simple way to add a subtle addition to an outfit without loosing any simplicity. A pair of slacks and penny loafers boast the perfect attitude to finish off this look. With an outfit like this, I promise you will gain some prestige around campus.


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