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Real men wear pink. What do you think about this statement? Personally, I question the term “real” and its relationship to a color of clothing. But nevertheless, this idea of men wearing pink sparked a fashion trend and even a movie. Check out Benmirza, Ranker and GQ for great articles on how men wear pink.  But by far, my favorite article relating to this topic comes from The Stir. A photographer/husband went into “therapy mode” after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He went all around the world taking pictures of him shirtless with a pink tutu. Whether or not he is considered a real man, this silly, cheerful idea turned into another great therapeutic support for cancer patients worldwide. Talk about fashion with a message! Let us see how this week’s Fashionista wears pink.

Name: Tim Wallenburg

Major: Sports Management, 6 ½ Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get each piece of outfit?

Tim Wallenburg: My black sweater is from Express and I’m wearing an Amish Mafia pink tee underneath. My khakis are from American Eagle Outfitters. And I bought my pink sneakers at the Ralph Lauren outlet at The Crossings.

CF: If you could have any movie character’s wardrobe, who’s would you want to have?

TM: Definitely Zac Efron in High School Musical. Specifically High School Musical 3: Senior Year! He dresses to impress and I like his role as Troy Bolton.

CF: What are your wardrobe basics?

TM: I always have to have a good pair of jeans and nice pants. Also, I need to have a variety of button-downs that I wear everywhere, even to class. Lastly (and most importantly), shoes of all different colors! I currently have pink, purple, green and brown.

CF: If you could go on a shopping to one store, which one would it be and why?

TM: PacSun because they have great colors and an awesome California style. I always feel good when I wear their clothes.

CF: Describe your style.

TM: Preppy, sexy and swag.

How To: Start off with a bright pink T-shirt and add on a black sweater. Make sure you all still able to see the collar of the pink shirt. Wear this with khakis and a thick brown belt. Finish off the look with pink Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers.


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