Fashionisto Spotlight

Today’s Fashionisto has more than just good looks, he is money savvy too! I caught up with the Fashionisto as I was heading to class and he shared a few words of wisdom with me about being yourself and financial matters.

Name: Taurus Vaughn

Major: Theater Performance

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about what you are wearing.

Taurus Vaughn: I decided to wear this tank top that I bought from a thrift store because of the abstract design on it. I purchased these black harem pants from eBay and they are really comfortable to wear. I actually bought these Nike sneakers about three years ago and I have kept them in good shape since then. I have these hair bands on my wrist for my convenience because I can use them when I need to tie my hair back or when I head out to the gym. To tie my look together I decided to wear this watch, sunglasses and a blue cap to give it that pop of color.

CF: Do you currently own an item that means a lot to you?

TV: Yeah, this ring I’m wearing was given to me by my brother. It has the word “strength” engraved on it. It serves as a constant reminder throughout the day that no matter how difficult the trials and tribulations are that we must find the strength to keep pushing forward.

CF: What spring trend are you looking forward to?

TV: I look forward to wearing sleeveless tops because I am a big fan of those. I also look forward to wearing more TOMS shoes because you don’t have to wear socks with them.

CF: Do you have a favorite brand or store that you like to shop at?

TV: I mostly buy everything online. I do have a few stores that I like to shop around for inspiration such as Urban Outfitters, PacSun and thrift stores.  

CF: What fashion advice would you would like to share for our Fashionistos out there?

TV: The clothes don’t make you, you make the clothes!  I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter how you style yourself, be confident in who you are. If that is your “swag” then wear it proudly and you will stand out in a good way.

CF: What kind of financial advice would you like to give to our Fashionista/os who are on a budget?

TV: Be wise with your money. Think smart about your financial decisions. Don’t go out of your way to fit in with a crowd that you can’t afford to. It is best to live comfortably and adjust to the lifestyle you can afford.  

How To: To look as fresh as today’s Fashionisto, all you need is confidence, a loose fitting tank top and a pair of black harem pants. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to the ensemble by opting to wear sandals instead of sneakers.



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