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When it comes to guys, a single article of clothing can improve an entire outfit. While Fashionistos always look dapper with just a few pieces, I feel like it takes a little bit more layering for us Fashionistas. Is it fair? Probably not. I mean a three layered chocolate cake is better than a two layered cake, right? But maybe that is what guys need. Simplicity. I love when a guy knows how to layer the right pieces together. Yes, a T-shirt alone can be comfortable, but add a leather jacket and now we are talking! This Fashionisto looks sharp in a comfortable gray sweater with a collared dress shirt underneath. There is nothing wrong with a little plain and simple.

Name: Stephen Dominick

Major: Undeclared

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you get it from?

Stephen Dominick: I am wearing a striped collared shirt from H&M, a gray sweater from H&M. The jeans are from Forever 21 and the shoes are Reebok classics.

CF: What kind of shoes do you find most comfortable to wear?

SD: Sneakers. Especially these Reebok sneakers because they fit my feet so comfortably.

CF: What kind of stores do you normally shop at?

SD: Forever 21, H&M and Express.

CF: Why do you like shopping at the stores?

SD: The prices are great for my student budget and the clothes fit me well.

How To: First, wear this classic dress shirt from Banana Republic. Next, place this Jack Spade gray V-neck sweater over. Make sure the collar is showing and let the sleeves of the shirt peek out just a little. Instead of the white shoes, try these wool sneakers from Urban Outfitters to pull it all together. Remember, fashion is nothing to stress over. Just keep it simple with a few key pieces and let your confidence shine through.



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