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Finally, I ran into a true Fashionisto on my campus. I found this stunner in my Media Law class. There is something about a man that knows how to dress. He automatically stands apart from the rest. In my experiences with men that know how to dress, they always shop at Zara. Proof: This Fashionisto’s jacket, shirt and pants are all from Zara. Then, I noticed his tie, and I was sold.

Name: Sean O’Rourke

Major: Advertising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get that cool tie?

Sean O’Rourke: I got this cool tie in Scotland. It’s real leather, backed with some sort of synthetic fabric. I was at a man’s house on my mission for the LDS church, and he knew that my love of ties was unique and deep-rooted. He had mercy on me and gave me this awesome leather one from his biker days.

CF: Why is your love for ties so unique and deep-rooted?

SO: Well, men’s formalwear is pretty limited. There’s only so much we get to pick when it comes to what we wear, and most of that just comes down to fit. Ties are one thing that you can use to say, “This is my style.”

CF: Is this leather tie your favorite out of your tie collection?

SO: I won’t buy or wear anything unless it’s an equal favorite, so no.

CF: That is a good rule. What got you so into fashion?

SO: Great question. I don’t know; probably the atmosphere I was raised in. My dad was gone on business a lot, so I spent a lot of time with my mom, who is an interior designer. So I got the love and the eye from her. Then, I got the hard work gene from my dad,which crosses over into every phase of my life, including the way I dress. I’m not willing to compromise or do the job 98 percent. It’s 100 percent every time. I can’t bring myself to do anything less.

CF: Why do you think it is important to put so much effort into what you wear?

SO: I honestly don’t think what you wear is that important. When it stops being an effort to dress and starts being natural, then you know you’re in a good place. It’s not healthy to worry about how you look all the time.

CF: So what is your tip to all guys getting ready in the morning?

SO: Worry about it for five minutes, then stop worrying about it. Put on clothes you feel confident in, then go own it. If all else fails, make sure you’ve got the hair and shoes – and in the end, it’s the fit that matters. Even ugly prints and colors look good if they fit right.

How To: Invest in a classic, professional look like Sean’s to look great everyday. A contrast collar button-up, leather tie, jeans, oxfords and a coat if it is chilly outside work magic together.


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