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Stripes. The word alone conjures up images of sailing on the high seas or the stereotypical uniform of a Parisian along with a beret. Needless to say, it’s a testament to classic and polished style. From Coco Chanel to Where’s Waldo?, stripes have proven their popularity and versatility. However, don’t let the status of this timeless print deter you from dressing them down, similar to how this Fashionisto styled them.

There are several components of this Fashionisto’s outfit that are basic pieces, but when paired together, they create an effortlessly casual ensemble appropriate for class or the office. With the red and navy striped sweater as the focal point of the outfit, this Fashionisto layers it over denim-on-denim, an ensemble that never fails. The rustic laced-up boots complement the preppy vibe of the outfit, along with his army green backpack. However, there’s nothing better than a hat adorned with llamas and “Peru” to show off some personality to accompany your stripes.

Name: Rodrigo Mendoza

Year: Sophomore

Major: Spanish Education

CollegeFashionista: How is fashion viewed in Peru compared to the U.S.?

Rodrigo Mendoza: Fashion is not really an important matter in Peru. One of the things I love about the U.S is the emphasis that people put in what they wear. This isn’t from a superficial point of view, but I just really appreciate that people care about looking their best and making a statement about who they are through their style.

CF: Who/what inspires your style?
RM: I wouldn’t say that I have a very defined style. Nonetheless, I like to make an effort when putting outfits together because what you wear says a lot about how well you take care of yourself. Especially at BU, people dress in very specific ways to express the things they believe in and to present themselves as they want others to perceive them. A lot of my outfits are made from things that I see other BU students wearing on campus.

CF: What would you consider your worst “fashion moment”?

RM: During my freshman year, I had these horrid pastel-colored pants that were mint green and bright yellow. Needless to say, it was a mess, but I thought they were great.

CF: Name three pieces you think are essential for a man’s wardrobe.

RM: Definitely a black button-down shirt, because it can be used for multiple occasions and easily combined with other pieces. Accessories, like a skinny tie or hat, can add color or a print when needed. Finally, a cardigan can really turn an outfit that is way too casual into something more decent and polished.

How To: Recreating this ensemble isn’t rocket science. Pair a classic denim shirt with dark-washed jeans and layer a simple, striped sweater over it. If you want to go beyond these basic stripes, try this multi-colored sweater or this sweater with a striped, ombre effect—don’t fret, you won’t resemble Bill Cosby circa the 1980s, but rather the cover model for a J.Crew or Gap ad campaign.


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