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As a Fashionista, I have my fair share of struggles when trying to find the perfect pieces for an outfit. I usually stress myself out because I feel that it’s expected of me to wear something totally eye-catching. I think it’s the most fun when others don’t expect you to have an eye for fashion, which is why I think Fashionistos take home the award for jaw-dropping moments. Today’s Fashionisto isn’t playing by the typical “just rolled out of bed” look. He’s showing off his fashion IQ by adding an urban and modern twist to his sophisticated style.

Name: Ray Collins

Major: Advertising and Marketing Communications

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Ray Collins: My style is more modern than traditional. I tend to stay away from classic styles or in other words, that “preppy” look. I aim and search for pieces that are sleek and street.

CF: Where do you mostly shop?

RC: About three years ago, I really got into thrift stores. My favorites are Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange, where they have these fantastic second hand clothes with a wide range of variety. I’ve bought classic Ray-Bans for $45, Gucci sneakers for $35 and J.Crew sweaters for $20! I also like to shop at Topman and American Apparel.

CF: What are your staple items this season?

RC: Definitely my watch and my backpack. For guys especially, something as simple as an accessory without it being over the top always complements an outfit.

CF: What inspired your outfit today?

RC: My outfit is compiled of casualness while adapting to the weather. I love to wear my snapback from ONLY NY, one of my favorite brands, on a day like this. My favorite piece that inspired my outfit was my dad’s vintage watch from Tommy Hilfiger.

How To: On a cool day, put on a pair of simple shorts that are comfortable and loose fitting. Throw on a plain baseball T-shirt or if you’re more into brighter colors and patterns check out thrift shops that carry vintage pieces. Hats such as snapbacks or baseball caps make the best accessories for a day like this. Take this Fashionisto’s advice, as a small accessory really goes a long way for guys. To polish yourself up, grab a pair of boat shoes or Sperry Top-Siders that add just the right touch of finesse. Before you head out the door, grab your favorite backpack to complete your outfit. The Fashionisto loves his from Stone + Cloth. If you went for warm colors in your outfit, go for a retro-designed backpack. It’ll allow you to throw in your style with this Fashionisto’s unique one.


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