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Take a deep breath; you’re not seeing double, you’re looking at this week’s Fashionistos. We’ve all heard the popular saying ‘two heads are better than one,’ but are they more fashionable? Thirty-two out of 1,000 children born each year are twins, however only three out of those 32 are identical. Although everyone may not personally know a set of twins, they have taught us more things than you may realize. Phil and Lil introduced children across America to adventure and sibling rivalry in the ‘90s. Mary-Kate and Ashley taught us how to spell pizza and sell our brothers at age 6. This week’s Fashionistos carry on the ‘twinning’ legacy and introduce us to the world of double denim.

Names: Ray and Anthony O’Neill

Majors: Accounting

Years: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would each of you describe your personal style?

Ray O’Neill: My personal style is influenced from the ’90s. Today I’m rocking a denim jacket, flannel and Converse.

Anthony O’Neill: I think I have a ’90s look. Today I have on a baseball T-shirt, flannel, denim jacket, gray jeans and my Bruce Springsteen Nike’s. I’m ready to kill it.

CF: Do you coordinate your outfits or does your sixth ‘twinning’ sense make you unintentionally match?

RO: I guess you can say that we coordinate our outfits. We both have the same style, shop at the same places and have similar clothes. We’re bound to coordinate somehow.

AO: Our sixth sense makes us unintentionally coordinate. We never plan on wearing the same clothes, but when we are out together people always mention that we are dressed alike.

CF: Who is your favorite person to go shopping with?

RO: Ant.

AO: Probably Ray, since we’re always together.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

RO: Summer is definitely my favorite season. The less clothes I have to wear the better.

AO: Summer is my favorite season. I just throw on a tank-top, some shorts and I am good to go.

CF: Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

RO: We take turns. If Ant takes longer on Monday and Wednesday, I’ll take longer on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

AO: I’d say Ray. He’s always trying to sleep for those extra five minutes.

How To: Still trying to figure out who’s who? We’ll solve that later! It’s time to stop staring at the siblings and start focusing on the fashion. Denim on denim has not always had a good reputation (insert the denim mistake of the decade). However, these Fashionistos managed to try the trend without looking fresh off the farm. Mixing washes and weights is most important when you’re going to be doubling up on the denim. Both boys loved their medium wash jean jackets, but balanced the blue by choosing colored denim pants. A similar wash from top to bottom is not the way to go! This duo knew that was a denim don’t. Next time you’re strutting this style but getting some stares, go back into the dorm to re-check your outfit and calendar. It’s 2014, don’t do a Justin!


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