Fashionisto Spotlight

This week’s Fashionisto was spotted outside of the Honors College, coming back from an exhausting 7:45 am class. Once more proving that diversity can be achieved while dressing for the weather, his combination of oversized coat, chunky knit scarf and unconventional baseball cap do just that. He does it with poise and a confident smile to match. Actually, what made him catch my attention, besides his cap, was the enormous smile he had on his face as he came back from doing what he is so passionate about. A smile, in my opinion, is the accessory that matches every outfit, is infectious and is as dazzling as the brightest and most expensive jewel. This fashion student looks smashing, effortless and well put-together, despite the fact that he has to attend class before 75% of the campus is even awake. Unlike other Fashionistas and Fashionistos, this Fashionisto is actually from Vietnam, and it was interesting to talk to him about how American fashion (and the extreme cold!) has influenced his style since coming to Kent.

Name: Phuong Nhat Minh

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Alright, so what are you wearing?

Phuong Nhat Minh: I’m wearing a Centigrade leather coat, American Eagle Outfitters T-shirt, a scarf from Vietnam, baseball cap from Goodwill, skinny jeans from PacSun, a ring from Hot Topic and Ecko sneakers.

CF: What stores do you frequent?

PNM: Cotton On, American Eagle Outfitters, Goodwill, Topman and Express.

CF: What is your college fashion pet peeve?

PNM: Leggings in the winter. They don’t make any sense at all.

CF: If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?

PNM: Bryanboy! Definitely!

CF: Who are your fashion icons?

PNM: Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs.

CF: Has coming to study at Kent State all the way from Vietnam caused you to alter your personal style at all? How?

PNM: Yes, the fusion of culture and diversity has definitely given me a new perspective on style. Every day I find new inspiration looking at the people around me, such as the students in the fashion school and the pedestrians in downtown Kent. The cold weather has definitely helped me develop creativity when it comes to layering. And people out here are really bold and eclectic when it comes to style. They are not as timid with their style selections as we are in Asia, because many Americans tend to have fairer skin, so certain colors work better on them.

How To: To reproduce Minh’s look, start with some plain, denim skinny jeans and sneakers. The focus of his look was definitely on the top part of the body. To embody this, wearing a leather coat like this one would be the place to start. To take on the harsh winds and frigid temperatures that grace the Kent campus, complement that jacket with a big, chunky scarf. Top it off (literally!) with a uniquely styled baseball cap. Unlike the big, loose fit of the ever-popular snapback, the semi-tight fit of this hat is a breath of fresh air and will definitely help you stand out from the rest.


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