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They say college is a time where we mature into adults and our fashion choices seem to follow. This Fashionisto’s vintage yet chic ensemble is a fabulous example of that. The vintage sweater trend blossomed fall of 2012. In particular, the “fair isle” knit has become very popular with brands such as YMC, Hawke and Dumar and American Apparel.  The complement of his military green trousers to the green undertones in his sweater pull the look together impeccably and as a final touch, the addition of a modern jacket finishes off the look with effortless style. This Fashionisto found the right balance between “new” and “old.”

Name: Nick Senft

Major: Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What are you wearing?

Nick Senft: Well, the jacket is H&M, the pants are Levi 511s, shoes are very weathered Clark’s Desert Treks and the sweater is some Italian designer…I got it from a thrift store. Random assortment.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

NS: Uh…city college kid “ballin’ on a budget”? Or maybe pseudo Euro hipster. People think I’m European all the time.

CF: What or who influences your personal style?

NS: I would say the biggest influence is my current college student condition. With little money, I’m forced to dress within thrift and H&M priced boundaries. Internally, whatever stage or point I am in my life influences my clothing. Current trends in the arts tend to influence me, external wise.

CF: Do you have any men’s fashion tips you would like to share? 

NS: If I could say anything really is just dress your part and enjoy it. If you’re a college frat kid who likes Mac Miller, grab a snapback and dress that part. If you’re a grunge, ’80s punk personality, make sure you’re good on black leather and chains. If you’re a business career type of person, keep it professional and clean. If you’re a groovy, hipster chick at heart, find a nice sundress and shades that don’t match. Just know who you are and dress the part. Don’t dress as something you’re not, for your own sake. We’re all just little characters performing.

How To: To achieve this Fashionisto’s style, look for a vintage sweater that emulates the “fair isle” knitting technique. These sweaters can be found in your local thrift store or you can check out these sweaters from Karmaloop. Match the sweater with a pair of Levi 511s. Next, add a jacket for warmth and style. Polish off the look with a pair of Clarks.


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