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One thing I haven’t covered yet at CollegeFashionista is streetwear, but with hallmarked tenacity it has re-entered my creative locus. On Saturday I thrifted a pair of all white leather perforated Nike Blazers, on Sunday Hood by Air blew up the fall 2014 runway and on Monday I got to meet this awesome Fashionisto who has a developing streetwear brand of his own. And it’s no wonder, because he really has the aesthetic figured out. Streetwear is a well-revised postmodern story and this Fashionisto is pulling pages from all the right books: the bold proportions nod to the urban legacy of Yohji Yamamoto, his jersey and Timberland boots are hip-hop staples and his defaced varsity jacket speaks to the signature irreverence on which the streetwear movement is built.

Name: Nick Harral

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you like to shop?

Nick Harral: I like to shop at thrift stores and then anywhere else that I see an interesting piece that I know I really want. It’s pretty eclectic.

CF: How would you describe your style?

NH: Somewhere between “dude that likes fitted jeans”, Biggie and postmodern rave kid.

CF: It says ‘GNARLYFE’ on your jacket, what is that?

NH: GNARLYFE is an ongoing lifestyle project some friends and I do. We screen print T-shirts and sometimes blog.

CF: What are your favorite streetwear brands?

NH: MISHKA, ONLY NYC and HALL OF FAME do cool stuff. I used to love The Hundreds because of their blog but they changed it to a different format and it’s not as cool now.

CF: How do you think successful streetwear brands are able to differentiate themselves?

NH: I think the brands I like best are the ones that really work towards building a brand culture. I like the ones that speak to people.

CF: What item is at the top of your fashion wishlist?

NH: Right now I really want a black leather bucket hat or a Ferrari racing jacket in 44 regular or size large.

How To: Streetwear is a burgeoning universe and there are a multitude of ways to pull it off; the most important elements of this Fashionisto’s outfit (as they relate to modern streetwear) are definitely unique garment proportions, hip-hop themes and a basic tone of cultural irreverence. Oversized proportions are key to this look; you can start with some seriously bold drop-crotch joggers like these from ASOS, or just do like our Fashionisto and rock a too big vintage jersey. Incorporate the urban element with super cool throwbacks to ’90’s hip-hop like a sick bucket hat from streetwear giant Supreme, or a cool coach jacket à la NWA. To finalize your look, channel inspiration from any counter-culture that you identify with. Celebrate the over-partied youth with piles of cheap rave gear, or embody the middle class with some rugged work wear inspired boots.


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