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Matty is a fellow freshman that I spotted outside of the local art supply store. He’s a Fashionisto that can always be found rocking a classic black and neutral toned look. His all black looks are usually accompanied with a streamlined skinny tie and a bit of arm candy such as studded bracelets, silver watches and the occasional ring. I was drawn to him because of his simple, no-fuss, edgy and chic wardrobe aesthetic.

Name: Matthew (Matty) Cornwall

Major: Graphic Design

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: It seems as though you prefer overlapping neutrals. What inspired your black on black everyday look vs color in your ensemble?

Matty Cornwall: There’s quite a few reasons for that. Overall, black matches black so I don’t have to worry about clashing colors. It’s really easy to get an outfit that looks put together, even if it only took a few minutes to choose. On that note, I’m a person who chooses their outfit based on mood. So instead of spending hours figuring out if I feel “red” or “blue”, I express myself through the styles found in neutral colors. Initially, I was inspired by the “goth” look, but now I just follow Tim Burton’s excuse for wearing so much black. It’s easier.

CF: What are your essential pieces for your everyday wardrobe?

MC: A tie, watch, wristbands, and my DCs. All in black.

CF: Where do you shop to find these key pieces?

Matty: My main shopping places are Rue 21 and H&M.

CF: How do you interpret your personal style?

Matty: Dressy casual. My standard outfit is fitted jeans and a dress shirt.

How To: To achieve this Fashionisto’s look, look for sleek, skinny ties, a great pair of slacks and a quality dress top.


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