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This Skidmore Fashionisto takes the bold risk of mismatching patterns, but does so perfectly! His outfit is a casual everyday look, but filled with fun details. His Acne leopard print button-down looks fashion forward, but moderated by his classic gray cardigan. The hints of dark brown in his outfit come through in his classy Burberry sneakers and his magnificent Coach leather book bag. The mixture of the trademark Burberry pattern and his leopard button-down is a perfect combination of classic and trendy. The outfit’s details are what make this Fashionisto stand out on the first day of classes.

Name: Matt Beckstrom

Major: Theater

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your everyday look?

Matt Beckstrom: My everyday looks are inspired mostly by ideas I come up with, or occasionally by some looks I see on I follow a number of interior design blogs and find inspiration more from colors and patterns than I do by other people’s fashion.

CF: Why is fashion important to you? 

MB: The somewhat unfortunate reality of our world today is that we judge each other before exchanging even a word of dialogue so it’s human nature to make assumptions of people we meet based on the clothes they wear. Fashion is an extension of my personality. I hope to convey a sense of self-confidence as well as a sense of approachability when people first meet me — two qualities that I hope remain true when people get to know me. Through my closet, I would hope that people can gather an accurate idea of my personality. Extending another point of connection to people through what I wear is the reason I put such thoughtful effort into how I look.

CF: What is your favorite clothing item that you purchased over winter break?

MB: I had the chance to head into SoHo for a day where I tracked down a new designer I had been essentially stalking online for months prior. While in the Acne Studios shop, I found a navy leopard print shirt that I fell in love with. The fact that it was on sale may have made me fall even more in love with it, but regardless I could not be happier with it.

CF: Do you have any favorite designers or brands?

MB: Burberry has always been my favorite brand stemming back from their fall/winter 2010 menswear show, which really sparked my love of fashion. Designer Chris Bailey has revolutionized the brand, and really brought it into its current modernity. His menswear collection was the first I had seen to really bring clean simple lines to menswear, catering effortlessly to young men in their 20s while still ensuring high fashion was at the core of each piece. I find that countless designers often miss the mark, and go completely over-the-top with their menswear fashion. Chris Bailey really brought wearable non-flamboyant men’s fashion to my attention with Burberry, and I remain a huge fan with the exception of maybe a few more recent menswear collections put out by him. Other favorites of mine are Club Monaco, rag & bone, Acne, J.Crew and Coach for accessories.

How To: Emulating this Fashionisto’s unique everyday outfit is a fun way to play with the items in your closet. First off, a backpack is something every student will have so why not go ahead and splurge on a bag that will be different from everyone else’s? A simple pattern, style, material or color will make your bag stand out. A patterned button-down is easy to find almost anywhere and is always a pleasing addition to an outfit. Lastly, patterned shoes are a fashion risk but if worn right they’re worth it and can be the statement of an entire outfit.


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