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Many people tend to be afraid of wearing prints; however, fashion is all about being bold and taking risks. A printed accessory, a top or a pair of pants can act as a statement piece that pushes your outfit beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. This Fashionisto confidently conquers the fear of prints by sporting a colorful, tropical print pant. He also plays with color by matching the red-orange flowers on his pants with his suede, burgundy boots. To tone down his outfit, he throws on a basic, white T-shirt and a denim button-up, which are two important closet essentials. He keeps his look neat and casual by rolling up his sleeves as well as his pants. I particularly love the fact that this Fashionisto is daring when it comes to his fashion choices and his suave, blonde hair!

Name: Marcus Cheung

Major: Industrial Engineering

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get your outfit from?

Marcus Cheung: First of all, I try to save as much money as possible to be a practical college student. I constantly look out for sales at my favorite stores. Urban Outfitters is one of them. I got my pants on sale there and I was so happy because I was eyeing them for a while. The denim shirt is from H&M. The boots are from Nike and were also on sale. 

CF: Who or what inspires your fashion sense? Do you have any particular fashion idols?

MC: Japanese street fashion is a source of inspiration for me. I love the idea of throwing on eccentric pieces and making them your own. I also look up to the Korean pop stars G-Dragon and T.O.P. because of their unique and expressive style. 

CF: Are there any recent trends that have heavily impacted your style?

MC: Monochrome outfits are really popular right now. A monochrome outfit looks especially clean when its either all black or all white. I incorporate that trend into my outfits every now and then. It’s really simple yet eye-catching. 

CF:  Do you have any favorite designers or brands?

MC: Unfortunately, most of my favorite brands are so expensive and I can’t afford them. One of my top favorites would have to be Kokon To Zai. They come out with extremely unconventional clothing with wild and intricate patterns. On a more affordable level, I really like 10.Deep, SSUR, Supreme, Mister and OS Accessories, just to name a few.

How To: Want to try a printed pant without looking too flashy? Start with a dark color and a small sized pattern, just like the one on these pants. Match them with a solid colored top to keep your look balanced. If you like the tropical print but aren’t ready to wear it on pants just yet, try a printed accessory, such as a hat. A printed hat is an easy and subtle way to accessorize and complete an outfit.


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