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Unconventional color and print mixing is something that not every guy attempts to pull off, but it is a style that I am definitely a fan of! Today’s innovative Fashionisto sports a varsity jacket over a camouflage and polka-dot button-down, with gray jeans and brightly colored Nike sneakers. Check him out!

Name: Long Ngyuen

Major: Forensic Science

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What was your inspiration for mixing camouflage and polka-dots into your look?

Long Ngyuen: Well, polka-dots have always been one of my favorite prints. I feel like it has a stigma of being very feminine on a guy, but if you wear it correctly it is a very masculine print essentially. Camo has more of a sense of patriotism and the green camo represents the military. I have always liked camo but I just do not find all camouflage apparel to be enticing to my style.

CF: What advice would you give guys on mixing and matching colors and patterns?

LN: Mixing colors I encourage, but mixing patterns, be cautious. You cannot do camo with camo, and certain things just do not go well together. Do not be scared to mix colors that normal people would not. Do not always try to do red on red or blue on blue. Always mix up the colors that look good on your skin tone and that fit your personality.

CF: If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be and why?

LN: My brother’s, because he has a lot of clothes that he does not wear. I could probably wear his clothes better than him. He wears the same stuff that I do.

How To: Aim for the abnormal and dare to differ your style with prints and colors! Try out a classic fit button-down with a not so classic print to exude your inner style. To stray away from a loud look, grab some cool colored pants to pair. Then, get like this Fashionisto and finish your look off with some epic kicks.


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