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My new favorite spot to search for style is right outside the campus art building. Campus isn’t exactly buzzing during spring break, so I was excited when I spotted this printed flannel walking out into the sun. Upon getting closer to this Fashionisto, my excitement turned into surprise once I realized it was my own brother! I was going to pass on featuring him, but there are just too many elements to his look that are worth talking about. I admired the mix of prints. His headband and gauges are cool accessories, but they also give his look a grungy edge. I also learned that his accessories, along with his boots, are functional elements to his outfit. His L.L.Bean aviators add a touch of chic to his colorful look. I always knew my brother was cool, but it took a different point-of-view to realize that he’s stylish too.

Name: Kyle Becker

Major: Art Education

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about what you are wearing.

Kyle Becker: My grandma got me this flannel from Cabela’s and my boots are Wolverine. My sunglasses are L.L.Bean, but I lucked out and got them for two dollars at a thrift store.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

KB: You know Hansel from Zoolander? I would say my style is Hansel meets Eddie Vedder. I also enjoy geometric patterns and functionality.

CF: Is your style related to your art?

KB: They are similar to a certain extent, but I mostly dress practically for doing art. For example, my headbands are key to keeping my hair from getting caught in my tools.

CF: Your gauges are really cool, could you talk about those?

KB: I really like my gauges because they’re a way to wear art. These ones here are handmade out of a stone called yellow tiger’s eye. The stone is supposed to enhance creativity and communication.

CF: Does living in Maine influence your style?

KB: It does in the sense that I have to dress according to the weather. I always keep the Maine wilderness in mind, too. I’m wearing a paracord bracelet. The pattern looks cool, but it’s also practical.

CF: How has your style evolved since starting college?

KB: I think I’ve personalized it a little more. I like to just be able to wear what I want.

How To: Mixing prints like this Fashionisto does is achievable for anyone. The key is to mix a larger geometric pattern, like the one on this sweatshirt, with a smaller print. Perhaps headbands aren’t your style. You could always opt for a cool hat instead and still obtain the desired look. Don’t forget to polish everything off with a classic pair of sunglasses.



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