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Spring is here, but that does not mean we have to make our looks match the bright and vibrant colors everyone else is wearing. Some of us, myself included, still enjoy wearing blacks and dark grays on a beautiful, sunny day. This Fashionisto was caught in darker tones that actually helped him stick out. The lack of color in your outfit can bring a certain uniqueness to the table that a lot of Fashionistos don’t want. But I think it looks great.

Name: Kijani Grinage

Major: Fashion Design & Graphic Design

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: So how would you describe your style?

Kijani Grinage: I’d say it’s basically just street style. I go for an urban skater look.

CF: When did you first start studying fashion?

KG: It’s honestly been since I was a little kid because I did a lot of traveling with my dad when I was younger. We went to a bunch of different cities and I would study what people were wearing in the area.

CF: Which cities did you like the most?

KG: Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York City had the most fashionable people from what I noticed.

CF: What magazines or websites do you go to for inspiration or news on the latest trends?

KG: I check out GQ a lot. I’m more of a sneakerhead, though. I’ve been skating since I was in sixth grade so I keep up with the latest skating news as well.

How to: Although it isn’t the norm for us to strictly wear dark colors in the spring, try it out for the day and see how it feels. Start off by getting a mesh jersey like this Fashionisto is wearing. Any embroidery or print on the jersey will be the substitute for color. Keep the look as minimal as possible, though. For this look, a pair of gray jeans will be easiest to build off of. This Fashionisto’s high-top Vans were perfect for the rugged vibe he was giving off and his sunglasses and backpack added the right amount of detail that almost went unnoticed. Tortoiseshell sunglasses and urban style backpacks have been extremely popular lately, which is almost the opposite of this Fashionisto’s finishing touch. I don’t think I can rock it, but this Fashionisto sure could. A bandana can be hard for some of us to commit to, but that’s all you need to rock it well. Look for a black, gray or white bandana to start off with. These colors will make it much easier to match with the rest of your outfit. All you need after that is the confidence. This Fashionisto’s gloomy look had the right amount of details to stick out from other students that like to rock black in the spring. Pick your accessories wisely and bring your confidence to the table. That way, you’ll be able to rock this dark look on campus.


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