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Most of us can accept that the polka-dot is an underrated pattern. Despite its popularity boom in the ’60s, these days you’re more likely to see a cartoon mouse sporting this pattern than you are a college student. In South Carolina, February begins its transition into spring early, and the temptation to bring out the florals and pastels is still considered premature. During this time of pattern doubt, I suggest taking a tip from this brilliant Fashionisto’s rendition of adaptable polka-dot play.

Once seen primarily as black and white, the modern polka-dot pattern comes in an array of color combinations suitable for every season. This Fashionisto is seasonally appropriate for the winter month, sporting navy and white dots over hunter green pants, completing his look with dapper silver loafers. Fast forward to June and picture this polka-dot top over white shorts. From winter to summer, this versatile pattern proves its investment. What could be better than a year-round trend? Florals sure can’t make it past the summer.

Name: Kelvin Davis

Year: Senior

Major: Art Education

CollegeFashionista: When it comes to patterns, do you find yourself drawn to classic staples or outlandish designs?

Kelvin Davis: I tend to find myself in the battle between the two preferences. I love the chaos of hot dots, floral patterns and bright colors yet the simplicity of staples appeals to me just as much. Even though staples are easier to wear year round, these days I’m more willing to spend a decent amount of money on something different and more one of a kind. 

CF: Whether it be a person, designer or website, who/where do you draw your style influence from?

KD: I draw my style influence from retail maven and street style star, Nick Wooster. His perception of style inspires me to take risks, especially with patterned blazers and ankle-length pants.  He seems to have mastered the blend of classic mixed with eccentric chic, which is right up my alley.  Personally, I think he should be every man’s fashion guru!

CF: As an up-and-coming blogger, what is your primary focus or message you want your readers to take away from your personal style?

KD: My main focus is to reach men struggling with fashion and offer them adaptable and different inspiration within my personal style posts. I strive to gently persuade my readers to take risks by posting approachable, yet creative rather than classic outfits.  My motto is, “The more you care about what you wear, the more people will care about what you do.”

How To: This Fashionisto is color conscience of the winter month, despite the contrasting climate. Dressing in darker shades allows for a bigger show of character with his silver shoes, which correlate well with the white within his polka-dot pattern. During the true spring and summer seasons, go the road less traveled with polka-dot shorts over the typical patterns one would buy from Vineyard Vines. If the idea of this pattern intrigues you but you’re not entirely sold on the idea yet, opt for a pair of polka-dot socks to ease the adaptation process. Lastly, a nice cup of Starbucks coffee or tea is the perfect accessory to complete any outfit with.


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