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While I am searching campus, I find myself noting differences between current trends for women and men. At such a large school, every single style and trend is represented, and it doesn’t take long to scope out a person that definitely put effort into his or her wardrobe choices. And while often times a girl is seen as fashionable when she is dolled up with unique shoes, lots of jewelry or a bold hair style, a boy is seen as fashionable when he resorts to a more classic look. Some would say these Fashionistos are old-fashioned or carbon copies, but I can’t help but think that tasteful simplicity wins the gold medal for men’s fashion. I was instantly drawn to this Fashionisto because of his perfectly classic look. His ever trendy Ray-Ban Wayfarers, paired with a suede, very professional looking jacket was the winning combination in my Fashionisto search. After chatting with him I learned that the amazing jacket he sported was purchased while studying abroad in Florence this past semester, and it made my talk with him that much more worthwhile. Sometimes just the plain fact that a piece of a person’s wardrobe is a  more unique find than from the local mall makes it even more desirable and fashionable.

Name: Joseph Commisso

Year:  Junior

Major: Business

CollegeFashionista: Where did you purchase what you are wearing?

Joseph Commisso: My shirt and pants are both from J.Crew, my shoes are Bostonian and my jacket is from a store called Prior in Europe.

CF: Do you have a season you prefer to dress for?

JC: Ironically, while my favorite season is summer my favorite season to dress for is winter because there are so many different options.

CF: Are any aspects of your personality reflected in your style?

JC: Yes. I tend to be a very clean and organized person. So I like to dress very clean and simple. I always try to look nice because you never know when you are going to make a first impression on someone.

CF: Describe your style in three words.

JC: Professional, classic and preppy.

How To: Joseph’s look is easily attainable and is perfect for everyday wear whether you’re in class, an internship or at work. Try these simple yet fashionable leather shoes. They can be paired with khakis or corduroys and an oxford. Then add a blazer or even a peacoat like this to pull the entire look to the next level.


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