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While it may have seemed that winter has just arrived, spring is right around the corner and we are blessed with off season weather. It’s during these off seasons that even Fashionistas/os find it difficult to get dressed in the morning because of the confusing weather. This Fashionisto did everything right in his outfit for the cold mornings and comfortable afternoons; plus I found it refreshing to see a fashionable male wearing an outfit you could totally be sporting yourself. I loved the patterned button-up underneath his cardigan.

Name: Joseph Bender

Year: Senior

Major: Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Joseph Bender: Lets see: brogues and colored skinny jeans by ASOS, a vintage floral button-up, an H&M cardigan and my Alexander McQueen sunglasses.

CF: Where do you find inspiration and what influences your style?

JB: I look a lot towards online communities of the fashionably conscious. They help me realize that no matter what part of the world I may find myself in — no matter how remote — I can still dress in a way that I want to dress. It helps to know that you’re in good company.

CF: What trends are you looking forward to trying this coming season? 

JB: I think I’m coming around to this metallic trend. Now if I can just get my hands on one of those Burberry coats, I’ll be able to give it a try!

How To: This is the perfect time of year for layering! Try wearing a button-up with the buttons completely fastened. It’s an easy way to instantly polish a look. Layer with cardigans from places such as Forever 21. Next, be sure to keep the look classy with shoes like these from Zara.


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