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This year I am looking for students with a significant talent for fashion. While it’s easy to do an article for “outdated” looks, I want to strive for something bigger and capture the best of the best. Being my first time with CollegeFashionista last semester, I managed to write about some of fall’s staple pieces. This time, I am making it my goal to go beyond writing simple articles and dive into the world of the latest trends. This is my chance to acknowledge those who ultimately strive to surpass the fashion norm. While interning for CollegeFashionista, I learned that you need a keen eye to knit pick through the average joe to find the right Fashionista/o. It didn’t take long until I found one! I’d pass this Fashionisto time after time and realized how tremendous his style developed over the course of time that we spent in the Journalism school of USC.

Name: Josef Pitts

Major: Retail Management

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your style?

Josef Pitts: I’m constantly looking for inspiration, whether it’s from style blogs, shopping around to see what catches my eye or just seeing what my style icons are wearing. 

CF: What does it mean to be stylish?

JP: To be stylish is to be yourself. You’re not following trends. You’re not looking at what your favorite fashion designer is doing. You’re just dressing how you feel. I think style is a subjective art form that varies from person to person, some find their sense of style and some don’t. Sneakers are a part of my style, this goes for plenty of other people as well; however what I choose to wear with a pair of Gourmets or a pair of Jordans might be completely different than the next guy.  

CF: How has your style evolved over the years?

JP: I didn’t really find my sense of style till I was about 18. I had this skater look that I ran into the ground. I’d only wear black, blue and white to some capacity, I never really dressed up for much of anything up until I got to USC, and I needed more professional attire. I tried the traditional khakis and navy blue blazer, but it just wan’t me, so I kinda reverted back to a more streetwear vibe in how I dress, just with more maturity. I try have pieces in my wardrobe that will never go out of style and maybe a few trendy pieces from brands that you have to be “in the know” to know about.

How To: Flannel shirts can be an essential piece to a fall or winter outfit. It gives your look texture and captures the eye through the use of patterns. From one of my previous articles, I mentioned that vests can be your best friend, it gives you layers while also allowing your body to breathe. Finally, add a dark pair of jeans and you’re ready to go!


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