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There are certain fashion trends that never go out of style. A classic pair of jeans, a great coat and a worn pair of boots are all perfect examples of timeless pieces that make an ultra-casual and equally cool look. I stopped this Fashionisto on campus on a rainy day earlier this week. I adored his cuffed jeans and the small details in his outfit, such as the belt and the necklace. I completely love and admire how effortless he made this outfit look.

Name: Jonathan Cruz
Major: Communications
Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Jonathan Cruz: I like wearing things that are military based. I also love contrast — a white oxford shirt and a warm-colored pair of pants!

CF: What stores do you shop at most?

JC: Probably ASOS and Topman.

CF: Where do you find style inspiration?

JC: I don’t stay that up to date on trends but I do check out fashion blogs on Tumblr. I see something I like and say, “Okay, I can try for something like that!”

CF: What is a staple item in your wardrobe? Something you can’t live without.

JC: Boots! Combat boots, wingtip boots, hiking boots.

How To: To rock a look similar look to this Fashionisto’s, check out these boots from Steve Madden in brown. For a similar coat, this one is great — casual, comfortable and incredibly stylish. Keep an eye out for simple accessories like his necklace or belt — a great way to pull together an outfit.


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