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I’m home for winter break and I’ve seen this Fashionisto running all over town. Whether it was grabbing some breakfast or catching up with an old teacher, he always looked “classy cool”—a phrase he coined himself (reluctantly). His style is the epitome of casual yet artfully thrown together, and he often chooses the layered hipster look that is so of-the-moment right now. He always nails his signature look of corduroy and cardigans, and his adaptable style fits in well with the crazy Northern Illinois weather we’ve been experiencing. Today he prepared himself for the icy wind with a warm wool Topman cardigan, Levi Corduroys, an Alternative Apparel cotton V-neck and lined Minnetonka moccasins. I’m all too familiar with that middle-of-January urge to just throw on a hoodie or sweatpants, but Fashionistos like him show us that with the right winter staples, it’s easy to stay warm and look cool.

Name: Jon Leet

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Jon Leet: It’s like a classy casual. I like to look nice. Usually, I just throw clothes on and then think, “Oh, that looks okay.” My ideal outfit would be cords, boat shoes and a nice cardigan.

CF: Is there a particular store or designer you prefer when looking for clothes?

JL: Right now I really like Topman; it’s a British store. That’s actually where I got this sweater. I also really like J.Crew though.

CF: Who would you consider your fashion inspiration? 

JL: That’s a good question. I don’t really know if I have one—I think Ryan Gosling dresses really nicely.

CF: Finally, what is one staple piece in your wardrobe today?

JL: Definitely sweaters—they’re really comfortable. I have a lot of cardigans. It’s nice because you can dress them up with a tie. I like corduroys too. They’re casual and comfortable, but they look nice.

How To: To get Jon’s “classy casual” look, start with neutral, fitted pants or corduroys (think Levi’s). Pair these with a basic crewneck or V-neck (American Apparel has nearly every color and style) and a thick cardigan. Try a super bold pattern or stick with a basic color block. Finish the look off with a pair of classic moccasins or boat shoes, and you have a style that looks both put together and effortless!


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