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Winters in Oxford never seem to end. I long for the days when students can go Uptown and not have to ruin their outfits with that long and dreadful parka. One thing is for sure though: no matter how cold it is, Miami students never fail to impress when it comes to their sense of fashion. Lately, with all of the boys pledging for fraternities, you can spot boys dressed up all the time on campus in their blazers and khakis, no matter the temperature. Boys rarely have time to sleep in order to keep up with pledging and class work, so I am sure the days when they do not need to dress up for pledging their outfits suffer. This Fashionisto was spotted leaving Geology, exhausted from pledging and dressed to impress. The Fashionisto remains casual but preppy at the same time, and sports trends that are considered “frat” and popular amongst the Miami student body.

Name: Joe Livingston

Major: Marketing

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your go to item in your wardrobe?

Joe Livingston: My L.L.Bean Bean boots are my favorite. They are perfect for this weather when the snow is half-melted and the grounds are just icy and covered in slush. I also think they look better than a ratty pair of sneakers, and surprisingly, they go with a lot.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

JL: I really like Patagonia. I was not really wearing anything from them until I came to Miami, but now I have a lot of their fleeces and they are actually really warm. Also, any place that sells flannels. 

CF: Do you like it when girls dress well for class?

JL: I think that when any girl dresses up in the slightest bit, it will catch my attention more than a girl who is in baggy sweatpants. I think when a girl is dressed well for class, it shows that she is put together and has things figured out. I like it.

How To: To reinvent this Fashionisto’s outfit, it is quite simple. I am sure all you Fashionisto’s have a flannel (at least I’d hope so), so for starters, pair that flannel with a nicer pair of jeans, but nothing too distressed. Once you have the flannel and a nice pair of jeans, pair the flannel with a nice Patagonia fleece on top, leaving the collar of the flannel out so it can peak through. Lastly, the shoes. Seek out a pair of L.L.Bean’s Bean boots; they are perfect for this casual ensemble and us Miami girls are just absolute suckers for those boots!


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