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I’m at it again, featuring another all black outfit. What can I say, all-black just works! Like I’ve said numerous times before, black (along with all other neutral colors) is perfect for styling since it goes with everything! It keeps the outfit clean and a bit edgy. Simple, yet dope…and of course, extremely comfortable.

Name: Ishmael Dozier

Major: Sociology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe at this current moment?

Ishmael Dozier: Definitely my Zara coat, it is a camel colored jacket with fur accents on the collar. A really dope coat can upgrade an entire outfit. I could just simply throw on an oxford, a pair of jeans and the coat does the rest.

CF: If you had all the money in the world, where would your first stop for a shopping trip be?

ID: I would shop at Ralph Lauren’s ranch if that was possible. Ralph Lauren seems to always produce classic and timeless products. I would probably buy a patterned sweater or cardigan, something cozy for sure.

CF: What’s your opinion on male’s sagging their pants?

ID: Sagging down to your ankles doesn’t necessarily reflect well on one’s character. At the same time, one shouldn’t wear their pants too high portraying an Urkel-esque look. I slightly sag to the point where it is comfortable—not too high and not too low.

CF: How would you describe your style in four words?

ID: Versatile, individualistic, different and dope.

CF: What is more important to you, presentation of your outfit or being comfortable?

ID: Both are important, but I would definitely deem myself as one of the originators of the cozy look. A nice fitted pair of sweats, an oxford or crewneck and trainers is comfortable and still stylish.

How To: Mr. Dozier creatively wore a simple, black Champion hoodie, with a  Stussy X Yo! MTV Raps T-shirt over it. Since both items of clothing are black, it creates the illusion that the imagery on the T-shirt was actually on the hoodie. Very smart! On top of that he paired a faux leather jacket from H&M. The all-black trend continues down to the Zanerobe black joggers and the Nike leopard printed free run sneakers. This outfit is topped with some pan beaded bracelets and a black bandana.


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