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Fashion is universal. No matter where you go in the world you will find it in some kind of form, and you can collect pieces from different places to remind you of where you’ve been. Thus, your closet can become a kind of sartorial scrapbook. Today’s Fashionisto, who I spotted while vacationing in Tel Aviv, is wearing clothes from all around the globe. His sporty, casual look is made up of Camper kicks from Amsterdam, Muji jeans from Tokyo, a second hand polo from Sweden, an American Apparel hoodie from Toronto, a vintage jacket from Israel and sunglasses from New York City. This jetsetter currently lives in Tel Aviv but is an alumnus of NYU. Read below to learn more about this Fashionisto’s effortless style.

Name: Ian Robinson

Year: Alumnus (Grad ’06)

Major: Dance

College Fashionista: What was your style like in college and has it changed since then?

Ian Robinson: My freshman year I wore slippers inside and outside for the entire winter. The Big Lebowski is very inspiring.  I try to be a bit more efficient with my wardrobe now, but comfort and the illusion of comfort is important to me.

CF: In your opinion, what’s the biggest fashion difference between New York and Tel Aviv?

IR: I think Tel Avivians sport casual garb a bit more then New Yorkers do. They are less prone to impress every time they go out the door; leave that to the New Yorkers…

CF: What are the three most beloved items in your wardrobe and why?

IR: Well in the Tel Aviv summer, which lasts a while, low-tops with high socks, comfy shorts and a James Perse tee — something light. Fabrics with minimal weight are it.

CF: What are your favorite stores or brands?

IR: Anything that fits my tennis-bohemian-Bushwick-Maine-shwag-low maintenance-luxe casual style…

How To: To emulate this Fashionisto’s style, you’ll need to update your passport and travel to multiple cities. Just kidding — although whenever you’re traveling you should always keep your eyes peeled for items to complete your wardrobe. What this week’s Fashionisto demonstrates is the beauty of layering, which is great in the winter when you need to dress for both indoor heat and outdoor cold. Layer a polo with a hoodie for an easy, everyday get-up. Add a sporty jacket in a unique color to take things up a notch. If you can find a vintage one, that’s even better. You won’t have to wait to get that cool, distressed look.


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