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At a place like Skidmore College, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, there is no way to avoid the snow. When Skidmore kids can find a way to make their winter wear more unique and fashionable, their outfits will be noticed. This Fashionisto has his winter blues in check. His navy blue A.P.C. coat is a perfect winter item that will match with anything and provides a bit of color amongst the extreme majority of all-black winter coats. This Fashionisto makes for a refreshing everyday winter look by his consciousness in quality and trends, and staying true to items that express his personality.

Name: Ian Bakerman

Major: Music

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What or who inspires your personal style?

Ian Bakerman: I find that Pharrell Williams heavily influences my style choices; he’s one of my favorite producers in the industry right now and even though he does have his outlandish moments (at the Grammys) I think he taps into the subtle side of fashion with some of his casual wear. I’m a big fan of subtlety when it comes to most things, even my music. 

CF: How has your style developed over the years?

IB: Over the years, my style has become more about simplicity. The color schemes and just what I wear in general. I love comfortable clothing that are made of good quality and a solid color. I used to love all the weird big shirts and flashy colors, but I began to realize it’s just not as appealing anymore. 

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

IB: I love the Alexander Wang hoodie I’m wearing in the photo. I wear it everywhere. It’s comfy and has a beautiful appeal to it.

CF: What do you look forward to wearing the most once the weather gets warmer?

IB: I really miss wearing my lighter jackets. My leather jackets that my grandfather handed down to me are just amazing even though they’re falling apart. It’s not only about how they look, but also about the memory of him.

CF: Who or what are some your favorite designers and brands, and why?

IB: VINCE, for their light spring hoodies and amazing products. A.P.C. for that jacket! And some other hoodies I’ve had my eye on. Also Carhartt, for their low-key lines that are simple and have good quality design.

How To: An easy first step in personalizing your winter outerwear like this Fashionisto is splurging on some fun beanies. Beanies are very in right now and there are tons of options out there in terms of colors, patterns, materials and wordings that will fit your personality and style preferences (and of course they also keep your head warm). The L.L.Bean Bean Boots are very popular, but also very essential and practical to areas in the North East. Even though many people have Bean Boots, it’s how you manage to wear them differently than everybody else just like this Fashionisto that will make you stand out.


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