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It’s that time of year when students are starting to feel cooped up on campus. The winter blues have tricked us into believing that the frigid temperatures are likely to stay awhile. Will it ever end? Fortunately for this Fashionisto, the weather is forcing him to make a statement on campus by stepping out of sweats and into something more sophisticated.

Name: Greg Enstone

Major: Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does your on campus look differ from a weekend or evening outfit?

Greg Enstone: I tend to dress a lot more casual during the week, more for comfort. I also play a sport, which prohibits me from dressing in fashionable attire. On the weekends or when I’m going out I always dressed up. I like to look classy and memorable.

CF: What winter trends are you still wearing this spring?

GE: I’ll keep the boots going until the spring weather arrives and the same for darker colors. Black jeans are extremely durable and are easy to pair in every season.  

CF: What’s your favorite occasion to dress for and why?

GE: I love any occasion that gives me an excuse to dress up. A well-tailored suit looks great on every man. It’s a timeless piece that can look sharp and casual at the same time. Looking smart and sophisticated on the outside brings it out from within.

CF: How has the European culture influenced your style in America?

GE: Being a European native, our everyday fashion is very different from the American culture. I’ve had to dress down my everyday look and get creative on how to incorporate the London culture into my wardrobe. A slim and slender fit is always important. 

How To: This Fashionisto knows exactly how to highlight the versatility of a tailored suit. The key to rocking a structured blazer is found in the styles you want and the fit you need. Dressed for a relaxed, yet sophisticated look, he chose a white long-sleeve shirt to keep his silhouette looking lean and tucked in. He also proves that the new black denim is something every Fashionisto can pull off. Topped off with ankle-high suede boots this Fashionisto is dressed for whatever occasion comes his way.


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