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Putting on your pastel pants when there is still slush outside? Reaching for your Ray-Bans while the skies are gloomy and gray? Sounds like you have spring (not to be confused with Bieber) fever! While northern New Jersey was recently stuck in a freezing funk, some sporadic spring days let us know that the warm weather is on the way. This conflicting climate can throw almost anyone into fashion frenzy. One day I’m shivering underneath my shearling and the next I’m heading to math in a mini. But, this chaos is nothing a Fashionisto can’t conquer! I managed to catch this week’s Fashionisto on his way to western civilization on one of those warm afternoons and we were able to talk about his spring style.

Name: Garret Makoujy

Major: Fine Arts and Graphic Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Garret Makoujy: My tank top is from Urban Outfitters. I love showing off my guns, what can I say. I love clothes that pop and I think my MTV tank top does the job. It’s a CMYK color scheme, which are my favorite colors to combine. My jeans and shoes are both from Levi Brand Jeans. To top it off, with the sun out and my guns out, I’m wearing Marc Jacobs sunglasses. 

CF: What’s you favorite season for fashion?

GM: My favorite season to dress for is spring. I like that there are days when I can throw on some shorts and a T-shirt, but still wear a comfortable hoodie when there’s a bit of a breeze. 

CF: Any new trends that you are looking forward to for the warm weather?

GM: I don’t like to follow trends, I’m a leader not a follower. I like to wear what I think looks good on me. 

CF: What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear once we start losing the winter coats?

GM: I’m going to have to say a tank top. There is nothing better than cruising with the top off on those nice cool nights.

CF: Spring is known for flowers and … spring cleaning. Is your room clean?

GM: My room is actually spotless. I think I have OCD when it comes to keeping my room clean. It’s my zen. I’m a designer, I need certain things to be perfect. My room is my studio. 

How To: Toss away the Tylenol and get rid of the Robitussin, even a prescription can’t cure spring fever. While the weather still may be a bit wacky, there are ways to incorporate spring style even when it’s not quite sixty degrees (hurry up, Mother Nature… please). Looks like the designers for fashion week paired up with Al Roker, because too many of the trends are wearable in wintry weather. Pretty pastels, collarless coats and spring staple sweaters can all be layered with your winter wardrobe while your Fridays are still frosty. If a collarless coat can’t help you fight the fever, take a chance with a tank top and hope the weather is warm. Hopefully you guessed right and won’t have to run to registration.


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