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If you’ve been reading fashion magazines since grade school, you should be familiar with phrases like “preppy meets punk,” “boho meets edgy” or any variation of when different — usually opposing — styles come together or “meet.” Mixing styles and prints isn’t easy; but when executed the right way, a Fashionisto can explore a variety of untapped combinations of the items already in his wardrobe.

This Fashionisto is skilled in mixing styles and patterns! He successfully blends flannel and corduroy fabrics with plaid and safari prints. This ensemble screams “lumberjack meets jungle warfare” or “forest fatigue.”

Name: Gabriel Wolf

Year: Senior

Major: Advertising

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Gabriel Wolf: Hmm, I would have to say… versatile and put together. You never know what could happen or who you may run into, so I like to be able to walk into the classroom, a meeting, an interview, or the studio and be good to go. Its like doing myself a favor to know I could be anywhere and still be perceived the way I would like to be.

CF: What’s your solution for maintaining well-put-together outfits in the cold weather? 

GW: Honestly the colder it gets, the more fun it is for me, I’m all about layers. So many different potential elements allow for all types of crazy things. Let’s say you might have something going on that wasn’t even conceivable until the coat came off, like its part two. Everything’s always layered to me, so when it gets cold, its just one of the things that helps me remain positive in such frigid times.

CF: What do you tend to value more? Vintage pieces found at thrift stores or really good deals on your favorite high fashion brands?

GW: I would say the things I find, easy. Or even hand-me-downs, from my father or something. Anything that is given to me, or that I discover somehow, I value with a deterministic point-of-view. Almost like I was destined to rock this piece.

How To: This Fashionisto clearly skilled in layering and mixing prints. To try out this particular style, start with the outer layer — an army fatigue button-up or a type of floral or leafy fatigue button-up as shown on our featured Fashionisto. Underneath the fatigue layer lies a color-coordinating plaid flannel button-down. As a master of mixing, this Fashionisto complements the understated plaid button-down with plaid socks. Also, his classic cords add the perfect winter touch.


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