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Deciding to come to the NYU campus to find a Fashionisto on New Year’s Eve was an impulsive idea, but nevertheless a brilliant one on my part. Never before have I seen so many fashionable students congregated in one place! Washington Square is where I found this week’s Fashionisto. He proves that it is possible to be extremely warm, yet well put together in the midst of unbearable, frigid weather. What definitely caught my attention was his neon beanie, which was a breath of spontaneity to his otherwise dark dominated ensemble. As it turns out, this Fashionisto is an accomplished style blogger himself. That day he was also looking for people to put on his street style blog, Blue Perk. At only 21, he already has a long and impressive resume. I highly recommend taking a glance at his blog, and I am honored to have chosen him as my first Fashionisto post.

Name: Freddy Rodriguez

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: All right, so what are you wearing?

Freddy Rodriguez: I’m wearing Converse, American Eagle Outfitters cargo pants, denim American Eagle Outfitters jacket, Forever 21 varsity hoodie, an H&M mustard sweater, a Target, Casio styled watch and a Giles and Brother hook bracelet.

CF: What stores do you frequent?

FR: I go to Buffalo Exchange a lot. I like to go thrift. I like Topman, Odin. And of course, I like H&M. I like to go up and down Soho and see what’s going on there.

CF: What stores would you recommend for the college student on a budget?

FR: Buffalo Exchange. You make money and you can find cheap clothes.

CF: With the cold weather now upon us, what piece of clothing, that is both fashionable and functional, would you advise every Fashionista and Fashionisto to have at hand?

FR: Ultimately beanies. I’m all about beanies. And then to stay warm, for layering, would be a down coat. One preferably from Diesel or another brand. They’re worth investing in.

CF: What trends would you like to see disappear in the New Year?

FR: It’s not so much a trend, but more of a fashion statement. I’d love to get rid of baggy jeans. It’s something I’ve been dreading since practically middle school. Ill-fitted jeans are the worst. A simple tailor can be your best friend.

CF: What trends are you looking forward to in the upcoming months?

FR: I really like the vest over blazer jacket, the lack of outerwear and more sort of layering. For example, a hoodie under a blazer with a vest over that. I enjoy seeing that, as well as more of the Nikes with a pair of jeans and pops of colors. Neon is still trending, but it’s about how you wear it. And even though Christmas already passed, I love Christmas prints and Christmas sweaters.

How To: Guys, to create a look similar to Freddy’s, try starting out with a pair of slim fit pants from American Eagle Outfitters and a pullover. Next, try layering this varsity jacket and layering another jacket on top. Finish it off with an attention-grabbing beanie.


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