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Hibernation period has officially begun at University of Toronto. Libraries and coffee shops are now the places to be, and stepping outdoors is almost a death wish. Especially with mid term season looming, it is no surprise that the sweatpants are making a return this season and in full force. Whilst many have given into the ploy, not this Fashionisto. Oh no!

This Fashionisto braved the bone-chilling winds sans puffer jacket to dash for a quick breakfast. He manages to pull off the dapper winter ensemble oh-so-effortlessly, putting to use classic pieces from his closet such as his gray blazer, that not only adds an extra layer of warmth, but makes the ensemble look ever so sophisticated.

Name: Felipe Orozco

Major: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Where is each piece of clothing from?

Felipe Orozco: Both my blazer and my dress shirt are from Club Monaco, my overcoat is from Barbour, Jeans from Levi’s and ALDO shoes.

CF: Where do you like to purchase most of your clothing from?

FO: I prefer Club Monaco, ZARA and H&M at times.

CF: How do you manage to stay stylish yet keep warm in Toronto’s changing climate?

FO: I have lived in Toronto for a very long time so I have adjusted to the weather. My shoes for example: I don’t wear winter boots, each year I go through a new pair of leather shoes but they work for me and I manage to keep steady on the snow whilst still being on trend.

CF: What would you say is your staple piece of clothing? Something you must have in your closet during all seasons?

FO: Jeans, for sure. I can wear them through all seasons and they never go out of style.

CF: What items do you tend to splurge on and why?

FO: I would definitely have to say coats and blazers, again — they don’t go out of style. Coats are daily use so I would invest in a good wool jacket, whereas blazers are just fun and I like to being able to dress up formally or just add a blazer to a T-shirt and be ready to go out.

How To: To recreate this Fashionisto’s look, all you need are the three key elements: a shirt, a blazer/jacket/waistcoat and a warm overcoat. If you want to to create a more formal look, perhaps for a meeting or presentation, substitute the jeans for a colored pair of chinos or a fitted trouser. A scarf can always add to an outfit especially in the chilly climate. Try adding one with a complementing shade to your trousers or your coat. This Fashionisto also works a pair of fabulous glasses. Channel your inner scholarly persona and experiment with a new shape. Mixing and matching pieces from different seasons and layering them up is a budget friendly solution to looking the part. Winter is all about thicker fabrics, so try and go for more wool, tweed and leather.


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