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Life is basically one big game of dress-up. At some point or another, everyone has experimented and tried out different looks until they found what they call their own classic style. However, just because you found what you like best doesn’t mean that you’ve finished experimenting! Fashion is ever evolving and trends come and go as quickly as last month’s issue of Vogue. So how does one keep up with all of the latest and greatest fashion movements, while simultaneously staying true to their fashion identity? My Fashionisto this week, Ev, is an up and coming fashion designer who knows a thing or two about keeping up on fashion trends while still keeping his sense of individuality. While Ev’s look resembles the likes of Kanye West and Pharrell, mixed with some of the Public School clothing line, Ev’s looks are one of a kind and definitely stand out in a crowd!

Name: Everard Best

Major: Digital Marketing

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Everard Best: I would say my look is edgy and youthful, but also clean at the same time. It’s kind of a contradiction.

CF: What are you wearing?

EB: I’m wearing a Lease on Life Society shirt (which is my brand), distressed jeans, Rick Owens and a Zara biker jacket.

CF: What trends are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?

EB: Monochrome — that looks like it’s going to be big, especially in reds. Also nude palettes and pastels, and white, of course. I think distressed jeans are going to be big too, just the distressed look overall.

How To: Layer!! Ev’s look consists of lots and lots of layers. Start with a statement T-shirt, preferably graphic or with some sort of design. To really stay true to the look, check out Lease On Life Society where you could buy the same shirt Ev is wearing. Next go for a simple, neutral colored cardigan, then top that off with any leather, biker jacket. To make the look stand out even more, go for a distressed or destroyed denim, which you could again layer with some fabric underneath. Finally, finish the look off with some fresh kicks and personalized accessories! You can rock the hat and scarves with some sunglasses and pins like Ev, or you could just opt to go the simple way with minimal outfit additions. Either way you can’t go wrong with this look! It’s trendy and eccentric while also staying classic and sharp!


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