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There’s nothing more attractive than a guy with confidence. Whether he speaks a certain way, carries himself a certain way or rocks stunner shades and a killer outfit like it’s his job, it all works and girls will notice; trust me! This week’s Fashionisto may have been hidden behind his Ray-Bans, but his outfit certainly drew plenty of attention. In fact, guys, when it comes to style confidence you can all take a page out of this Fashionisto’s book.

Name: Eric Estroff

Major: Environmental Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionsta: What are you wearing?

Eric Estroff: Today I am wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, Timberland boots, maroon cords, my favorite flannel button-down and a Patagonia vest. All of these items are from Mountain High Outfitters, which is a store in Birmingham, Alabama.

CF: Who is your style icon?

EE: Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, the rap capital of the country, my style icon has got to be my main man, Trey Songz. I may not have as much swag at Trey, but I’m working my way up!

CF: How would you describe the men’s fashion at GW?

EE: Honestly, on most college campuses people wear sweats and T-shirts to class. Here people dress as if they have an interview with their professor everyday. Basically, men’s fashion at GW varies from suit and ties, to basketball shorts and sneakers; I even got myself a pair of New Balance sneakers. 

CF: What are some of the essentials you recommend every guy have in his closet?

EE: Essentials are a good pair of adidas sneakers, sweatpants and Axe deodorant. The sneakers will get you through practically any day and any weather condition here, so invest in a pair that you really like! Oh, and if you’re a ladies man like myself, major emphasis on an investment in Axe. 

How To: Colored jeans aren’t just for girls; guys, you can also rock the trend with these corduroy jeans. Pair these jeans with a plaid shirt, preferably one that has some red in it because that will complement the jeans really well. Since it’s not quite warm enough to go jacket-less, try this awesome UGG vest to keep you warm and stylish. Don’t forget the final touch: a killer pair of shades to help you get your swag on.


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