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Visiting a friend in Gainesville for Spring Break was such a great decision. Not only did I get to visit some old friends, but I was able to experience the fashion scene at a campus in an entirely different environment. Virginia definitely has four separate seasons, but I can’t say the same for Florida. I caught this Fashionisto in a great outfit that seemed like it would be too much for the humid weather. I wanted to learn more.

Name: Dayan D’Aniello

Major: Advertising/Marketing double major

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: So tell me about what you’re wearing today.

Dayan D’Aniello: Everything I’m wearing is from Urban Outfitters. The shirt and the shoes are both Hawkings McGill. These pants have some velvet on the pockets which is really cool. My glasses are Banana Republic and have a tortoiseshell design.

CF: Where do you find most of your style inspiration?

DD: I look at some of the things on JackThreads and Thrillist. I’ll see some people walking around campus with their cuffed jeans and leather shoes. I look at that and I’m like……that looks good. It’s mainly from things I see online and from people I want to emulate that I see walking around campus

CF: How does this Florida weather affect your style?

DD: Well, it’s mainly just humid all of the time. You have to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in all day. We have to wear things that are breathable, which makes it hard to layer.

How To: This is the perfect look for all of you tall, slim Fashionistos. Whether you’re going for a casual look or a business casual look, this outfit has you covered. A plain oxford button-down goes a long way. It’s a comfortable, versatile and professional top that will be a staple piece in your wardrobe. I know the humidity can often put a damper on wearing long sleeves, (no pun intended), so don’t be afraid to pop a couple of those buttons. Leaving a couple of your top buttons undone will give you the ventilation you need. A pair of slim chinos can be a staple piece in your closet, too. Look for a quality pair that will last longer than a pair of throwaways. It’ll save you some money in the end. Just like my last Fashionisto, this Fashionisto used the pinrolling technique to cuff his pants. This style of cuff looks much better than regular cuffs. You can already see that some playful dress shoes will look amazing underneath the pinroll. Add some flavor to your classy looks to let people know you aren’t all business. Also, if you’re in the market for a pair of new glasses, Warby Parker is the way to go.


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