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Sometimes we seek fashion inspiration in other forms, whether it be your surroundings or influential people around you. This Fashionisto, is none other than my sporty, “cool” brother. It’s not every day that a sibling attends the same university as you….and I constantly am inspired by his use of bold color and pattern. My Motion Media Design brother wears a plaid button down shirt, a pair of beige khakis and a Polo Ralph Lauren jacket. I know we’re related because we both LOVE shoes, he wears a great pair of metallic high tops from Adidas. Being a prime British lad–it is easy to see his very British, and preppy style reflected into his daily ensembles.

Name: Danny Fandino

Major: Motion Media Design

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Danny Fandino: I would describe my style as very casual with a sporty touch.

CF: What are your favorite brands? 

DF: My favorite brands are Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike and Adidas.

CF:  What is something that is on your wish list this Christmas? 

DF: This Christmas, I am really hoping for a few Ralph Lauren shirts and jackets, along with a Adidas ” Puff” jacket, and Nike shoes.

How To: High Top Sneakers. I really like this particular style of sneaker, it gives an urban edge and can really make a statement. I’ve always loved a pair of High Top Chuck Taylors in a black, or a bold red. I like how classic it is, and how exciting it makes any outfit! A high top Nike sneaker adds a sporty edge, along with that ” cool ” flare. Not to mention, wearing some high top sneakers makes me feel like a hip hop kid!

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