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Patterns are fun, loud ways to showcase your personal style. However, not all of them need to be incorporated into a single piece of clothing like a solid color. Sometimes, an already expressive pattern only needs a blank canvas or a small amount of space to stand out.

When I crossed paths with this Fashionisto, his pocket shirt immediately caught my attention. The pattern was so colorfully chaotic that if it were to be the entire shirt, his look would be too overwhelming. Confining it to a small pocket space on a white shirt still gave the pattern the spotlight, but in a visually pleasing way. The use of bright blue in his beanie and wrist wear choices coordinated with the blue in his shirt pattern, which allowed his outfit to be consistent and balanced. His look is completed with patterned sneakers incorporating all the colors in his patterned pocket tee.

Name: Daniel Shelley

Major: Visual Communications

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Daniel Shelley: After multiple comments from my friends, I would describe my style as the casual PacSun boy. I love beachwear-inspired clothing and wear shorts with vans on a daily basis, but I’m also known to sport cat tees from time to time. 

CF: Do you find yourself drawn to specific colors and patterns when shopping for clothing or certain accessories?

DS: My closet is literally 50 shades of blue but I’m fond of patterns, especially tribal. For accessories, I go for casual beach bracelets that use material destined to be waterproof.

CF: The weather this season has been very inconsistent. What do you consider your go-to look when dealing with daily changing temperatures?

DS: South Carolina mornings are 40 degrees and by noon it feels like 80. Therefore, I wear layers because they’re easy to shed off during the day and perfect for mixing up outfit looks.

How To: With a look using multiple colors like this Fashionisto’s, opt for a regular or dark wash jean and solid neutral open sweater in-between the brighter pieces. With spring right around the corner, consider a patterned pair of kicks to get the season rolling. It’s time to retire those solid, dark versions of winter footwear.


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