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It was finals week and everybody wanted to wear the same comfy clothes the whole week. Almost the entire student body consisted of hoodies, sweatpants, leggings and any other loungewear you could possibly think of. With a coffee in hand, I could tell everyone was just trying to survive the week. This type of setting makes it easier for us Fashionistos/Fashionistas to stick out, which is awesome. I like to see well-dressed students this time of the semester because it portrays a sense of control over this hectic week. I saw this Fashionisto on the way to one of his exams and wanted to proudly show off his finals week ensemble for him.

Name: Collin McDermott

Major: Studio Art

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is it from?

CM: My pants are from PacSun and my boots are from Kohl’s. This sweater was a gift, and so was the scarf.

CF: If you could shop in any city, where would you go?

CM: That’s a good question. I’d probably go somewhere in Paris. There are just a number of random stores that I could go to and find things I like.

CF: Where do you find your style inspiration?

CM: I don’t really have any inspiration. I kind of just find items I like, and they end up piecing together pretty well.

CF: Are you looking forward to wearing anything specific this summer?

CM: Colorful shorts and graphic tees will be my go-to outfit next summer.

How To: Don’t let the ladies take control over this year’s sweater season. Us guys need to stick together and let them know who rocks it best. All you need is a knit sweater with an eye-catching design to base the outfit off of. To make the sweater look amazing, though, you have to recognize that your choice of shoes, pants and accessories are crucial. This Fashionisto decided to wear tan, tweed pants and tuck them into his boots. It creates a slimmer bottom half underneath of the bulky sweater. I thought it looked great! Now just throw on a scarf with some pattern-play and you’re ready to go. The winter is perfect for trying out new styles that you might not usually wear, so I put some really cheap pieces for this look in my eBay collection to keep your wallet fat.

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